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"Concordia Men's Sports - The First One Hundred Years"
by Vernon Finn Grinaker
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Chapter 9-- The 80's

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1986 Football

 The 1986 Cobber football team was predicted to have a building year, but they surprised everyone by winning the conference championship and advanced to the semi-finals of the Division III NCAA playoffs.  Because of their outstanding year, Coach Jim Christopherson was named ďMIAC Coach of the YearĒ and 10 Cobbers were named to the all-conference team: Dan Paladichuk, Dale McCullough, Brian Durkop, Russ Winkels, Kevin Hiedeman, Terry Horan, Joel Anderson, Jim Southwick, Tim Kruse, and Mike Schriner.  Russ Winkels was team captain.

After losing to Moorhead State in their season opener, the Cobbers defeated Bethel 33 - 0 and went on to win their next ten games.  Their conference record was 9 - 0 with an overall record of 11 - 2.

The scores for the season were:
Concordia  0  Moorhead State 21
Concordia  33  Bethel   0
Concordia  38  Gustavus  13
Concordia  21  Carleton  14
Concordia  49  Augsburg  9
Concordia  24  Macalester  7
Concordia  39  St. Olaf  14
Concordia  17  St. Johnís  14
Concordia  35  St. Thomas  23
Concordia  19  Hamline  3
Concordia  24  UW - Stevens Point 15
Concordia  17  Central Col., IA 14
Concordia  7  Augustana Col., IL 41

The MIAC football race ended as:
Concordia  9 - 0
Macalester  6 - 2 - 1
Carleton  6 - 3
St. Thomas  6 - 3
St. Johnís  4 - 4 - 1
Gustavus  4 - 5
Hamline  4 - 5
St. Olaf  4 - 5
Augsburg  1 - 8
Bethel   0 - 9

On the roster were Dave Ertl, Dan Paladichuk, Mickey Shumaker, David Stover, Randy Cramer, Doug Toivonen, Tim Petersen, Mark Wright, Mike Leach, Gregg Kruse, Paul Lundstrom, Terry Storm, Dale McCullough, Brian Durkop, Jon Florence, Mike Klindt, Russ Winkels, Steve Grove, Paul Bronson, Kevin Hiedeman, Jay Schultz, Brett Garland, Sam Foster, Terry Horan, Paul Haugo, Peter Naugle, Keith Schleeter, Jerry Hughes, Joel Anderson, Troy Teigen, Craig Seaberg, Mark Jondahl, Tim Pillar, Steve Schmitz, Jon Fisher, Steve Connelly, Chuck Miller, Jim Southwick, Mike Schriner, Tom Diekman, Mark Kratzke, Robert McCarthy, Mike Malmberg, Brett Larson, Rodney Thompson, Nate Johnson, Andy Raedeke, Tim Kruse, Brian Bruns, Todd Hauge, and Murray Smith.

J. M. ďJakeĒ Christiansen, head football coach for 28 years and athletic director for 23 years, and Irvin A. Christenson, director of the physical education department for 18 years and athletic director for 12 years, have been selected as the first inductees into Concordiaís new Athletic All of Fame, according to Dr. Armin Pipho, the collegeís present athletic director and department chair.  The Athletic Hall of Fame will honor outstanding Concordia coaches, athletes, and other individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletic program.

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1986-87 Golf

The 1986 menís golf team finished their season with a fifth place finish in the conference tournament.  Team leaders were Lance Butner and Tim Carlin, both with scores of 122.  The tournament was shortened to 27 holes because of inclement weather.  Head coach John Eidsness stated that the team had an off tournament or they would have place second in the MIAC.

During the season the team competed in the Erv Kaiser Invitational in Fargo, the Bemidji Invitational, the Rochester tournament, and the St. Johnís Invitational where Tim Carlin shot a 69, the lowest 18-hole score for a Concordia golfer since 1978.

The team was comprised of A. Andersen, Marc Beulke, Lance Butner, Troy Butner, Tim Carlin, Tom Eide, Tom Fuglestad, Kim Larson, Jeff Mattson, Dave Melin, and Frank Mertz.

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1986 Soccer

Varsity menís soccer will be competing at the intercollegiate level at Concordia, beginning with the 1986 - 1987 academic year, according to Dr. Armin Pipho, athletic director.  ďIt is particularly exciting to see Concordia expanding its athletic teams at a time when many schools are reducing their athletic offerings,Ē he said.

Currently, Concordia is the only school in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference not fielding a team in menís soccer.  While the MIAC soccer schedule is complete for the 1986 season, Pipho indicated the Concordia team would be palying a combination of games with varsity and junior varsity teams.  He feels that there are a number of good soccer players already at Concordia, but the disadvantage is that they do not have collegiate-level experience.

While not winning many victories the menís soccer team gained valuable experience for the coming year when they will become official members of the MIAC conference.  Coach Tom Kennedy led the squad to a 2 - 4 - 1 record in the first abbreviated season of varsity competition.

 The team, anchored by an entirely freshman defense, posted 1 - 0 and 3 - 1 victories over Augsburg and St. Olaf (JV), respectively, and solid midfield play kept them close in 3 - 4 and 0 - 2 losses to Hamline and Macalester.

Starring for Concordia were Cekiel Danielson, Craig MacBean, Jaren Anderson, Chris Lehman, and Brian Stone.  Others on the team were Greg Gamache, Erling Romsaas, Joe Fisher, Jon Fuglestad, Ron Fee, Don Ertl, Leith Swanson, C. B. Eidum, Terrell Carr, Kevin Erickson, Tim Olson, Garnet Wahlund, Bruce Elson, Pat Arney, Rod McCutcheon, Michael Leffel, George Pomonis, John Seipp, Jon Benson, Dave Kroonblawd, Philip Anderson, Brad Bielenberg, and Darren Paulson.

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1986 Cross Country

Major improvement marked the the season for the 1986 cross country team, coached by Tom Dahlen, who was optimistic about the teamís future.  Greg DeFor led the way for Cobbers, finishing as Concordiaís top runner in several meets.  At the regional meet, all the runners turned in their personal best times.

Running for the Cobbers were Pete Langer, Jon Zielske, Ron Baglien, Steve Eckert, Tom Ness, Brian Fisher, Roger Dorsey, Tim Miekle, Scott Rup, and Dan Lamken.

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1986-87 Basketball

John Eidsnessí Running Cobber basketball team in 1986 - 1987 had a very successful year even though the team lost seven of its top nine players of the previous year.  With a 11 - 9 record in conference play, the team ended in a four-way tie for third place.  Their overall record was
14 - 11.

Perhaps the highlight of the season was the first place finish for the Cobbers in their Holiday Tournament where they defeated the NDSU Bison team for the first time in seven years.

The Cobbers set a school record for defense by allowing an average of only 58.3 points per game, the third best record nationwide.

Named to the all-conference team were captains Marv Eberling and Rodger Taylor while Mike Schwarz, Wade Hanson, and Mark Thimjon received honorable mention honors.  Others on the roster were K.C. Ahrens, Paul Susag, Dan Chisholm, Keith Pearson, Brian Flam, Perry Tinjum, John Klinkosh, Steve Molstre, Bjorn Vellan, Tim Housholder, Chris Grussing, and Tim Gullingsrud.

The seasonís results were:
Concordia  67  Moorhead State 69
Concordia  62  Bethel   78
Concordia  60  Gustavus  61
Concordia  47  St. Thomas  44
 Concordia  89  Moorhead State 70
Concordia  60  Luther   57
Concordia  56  NDSU   50
Concordia  58  St. Maryís  52
Concordia  61  Carleton  49
Concordia  57  St. Johnís  61
Concordia  56  Hamline  46
Concordia  73  Macalester  57
Concordia  52  Augsburg  49
Concordia  49  St. Olaf  60
Concordia  62  Bethel   68
Concordia  57  Gustavus  70
Concordia  60  St. Thomas  59
Concordia  56  St. Maryís  58
Concordia  61  Carleton  63
Concordia  50  St. Johnís  55
Concordia  58  Hamline  50
Concordia  69  Macalester  56
Concordia  69  St. Olaf  59
Concordia  75  Augsburg  72

Conference standings were:
St. Johnís  16 - 4
Gustavus  12 - 8
Concordia  11 - 9
Augsburg  11 - 9
Carleton  11 - 9
St. Maryís  11 - 9
St. Thomas  10 - 10
Hamline  9 - 11
St. Olaf  9 - 11
Bethel   7 - 13
Macalester  3 - 17

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1986-87 Hockey

Steve Baumgarner, a 1982 graduate of Concordia, and a standout hockey player who is now serving as the sports program technician for the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, has been named the new head Cobber hockey coach effective with the 1986 - 1987 season, according to Dr. Armin Pipho.
Baumgartner takes over the head coaching position from Al Rice, who has had the top slot for the past 18 years.  Rice, who tallied his 200th career win toward the end of the 1986 season, will assume assistant coach status and continue his teaching duties.

 Coach Steve Baumgartner in his first year as head coach, led the 1986 - 1987 Cobber hockey team to first place in the MIAC conference and a berth in the NCAA Division III Hockey Tournament. Their conference record was 12 - 4 while their overall record was 17 - 14 - 1.  Baumgartner was named MIAC Coach of the Year.

Mark Rice was named the MIAC Most Valuable Player and Brian Johnston, Mark Rice, Colin Kerslake, and Todd Thompson were voted to the all-conference team.  An Academic All-American Award was given to senior Ron Clark.  Baumgartner stated that the teamís success did not come in individual flash, but in the 28 playersí team effort and that the Cobbers had the most balanced scoring of any team in the conference.

Other players on the team were Kirk Arnold, John Breyer, Ron Clrk, Larry Goos, Guy Distad, Bruce Elson, Greg Gamache, Brad Lacomy, Liam McDonald, Joe Snippes, John Bowkus, Rob Deics, Chris Miller, Brian Odland, Ross Richards, Garnet Wahlund, Brad Bielenberg, Greg Bird, Brett Erdmann, Ron Fee, Mark Jenson, John Kozichi, Roger Ohe, and Mark Wheeler.

The scores for the season were:
Concordia  4  Bemidji State  11
Concordia  12  St. Olaf  1
Concordia  6  Gustavus  5
Concordia  1  St. Thomas  9
Concordia  4  Bethel   2
Concordia  5  Bethel   1
Concordia  2  St. Cloud State 7
Concordia  5  St. Johnís  3
Concordia  3  St. Johnís  9
Concordia  2  St. Cloud State 12
Concordia  5  Hamline  3
Concordia  4  Hamline  3
Concordia  6  Augsburg  5
Concordia  6  Augsburg  7
Concordia  5  Air Force  6
Concordia  4  Air Force  6
Concordia  8  St. Olaf  2
Concordia  9  St. Olaf  4
Concordia  4  Gustavus  7
Concordia  6  Gustavus  3
Concordia  5  NDSU Club  4
Concordia  7  St. Maryís  5
Concordia  5  St. Maryís  4
Concordia  0  Bemidji State  4
Concordia  4  St. Thomas  1
Concordia  5  St. Thomas  8
Concordia  3  St. Johnís  3
 Concordia  9  St. Johnís  3
(Concordia wins series 12 - 6)
Concordia  3  St. Thomas  4
Concordia  4  St. Thomas  2
(Concordia wins series 7 - 6)
NCAA Division III Quarter finals:
Concordia  1  Bemidji State  3
Concordia  6  Bemidji State  8
(Bemidji State wins 2 games to 0)

Conference results were:
Concordia  12 - 4
St. Maryís  11 - 5
St. Thomas  10 - 6
St. Johnís  9 - 7
Hamline  8 - 8
Augsburg  6 - 10
Bethel   8 - 8
Gustavus  6 - 10
St. Olaf  2 - 14

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1986-87 Wrestling

For the 1986 - 1987 wrestling squad, it was a year of individual successes rather than as a team which finished in fifth place in the MIAC tournament.  Ron Nellermoe was the team coach.  Brett Larson was the individual winner for the Cobbers in the meet in the tournament.  He had an overall record of 24 - 9 which placed him on the all-conference team and gave him a chance to compete in the NCAA Division III tournament.

Wrestling for Concordia were Joe Klingfus, Barron Johnson, Milan Larson, Matt Brasel, Kurt Scheer, Dave Erickson, Paul Gafstrom, Kevin Erickson, Todd Larson, Todd Risa, Mark Kratzke, Andy Raedeke, Steve Tonder, Brett Larson, Chris Nellermoe, and Shane Miller.

Barry Bennett, Ď78, a member of the New York Jets, was inducted into the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Wrestling Hall of Fame.  The induction took place at the NAIA National Tournament held in March at West Liberty (VA) State College.

Bennett, a North St. Paul native, won the NAIA heavyweight crown in 1976 and 1977 and captured the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III title in 1978.  He was also a Minnesota All-Conference and All-American performer in football.

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1987 Tennis

 The menís 1987 tennis team was coached by Bob Nick, placed eighth in the conference meet, and had a dual meet record of 8 - 10.  Playing for Concordia were Leif Johnson, Tom Ness, Dan Vandersteen, Todd Webb, Mike Leffel, Barry Furuseth, Todd Spicer, and Brian Stone.

Their dual meet scores were:
Concordia  0  UND   9
Concordia  6  NDSU   3
Concordia  6  Macalester  3
Concordia  9  St. Maryís  0
Concordia  8  Moorhead State 1
Concordia  9  UM - Morris  0
Concordia  1  St. Olaf  8
Concordia  0  Carleton  9
Concordia  0  St. Thomas  9
Concordia  3  Macalester  6
Concordia  1  UND   8
Concordia  6  Moorhead State 3
Concordia  4  Bethel   5
Concordia  5  NDSU   4
Concordia  4  St. Johnís  5
Concordia  1  UM - Duluth  8
Concordia  0  Gustavus  9

Dan Vandersteen Ď87 is co-winner of the Arthur Ashe Award for outstanding achievements on and off the tennis court.  It is the most prestigious honor given to a college tennis player.  Vandersteen was cited for his accomplishments, both academic and as a tennis player, and for his sportsmanship and humanitarian qualities.

A high school tennis standout, Vandersteen developed his talents in college as Concordiaís No. 1 player for four years and maintained a 4.0 GPA.

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1987 Track

The 1987 menís track team had a very successful season with ten members receiving all-conference honors.  They were Steve Schmitz, Jon Faust, Clint Faust, Jay Forgenson, Toni Urdahl, Greg DeFor, Michael Bouressa, David Burd, David Schweitz, and Kent Fritze.  Doug Perry was head coach of the track team.

 The team ran in nine meets excelling in middle-distance races, hurdles and field events which allowed them to place high in several meets.  Concordia placed third in the Wahpeton Invitational and came within one point of winning their Irv Christenson Invitational.  The 4 x 800 relay team, comprised of Greg DeFor, Jon Faust, Jim Lundstrom, and Bart Mueller, set a school record of 7.44 and was one of only 16 teams to qualify for the prestigious Drake Relays held in Iowa.  DeFor was also named to the MIAC Academic All-Conference team.

Those on the track team were David Schwietz, Jon Faust, Ron Baglien, Jim Lundstrom (captain), Todd Johnson, Kent Fritze, Barb Mueller, Jon Zielske, Marc Johnson, Jack Danielson, Jeff Grasto, Michael Bouressa, Jason Dale, Pat Arney, Don Worchester, Scott Swedin, Andy Louvar, Peter Langr, Tony Urdahl, Ross Anderson, David Burd, Matt Taylor, Steve Schmitz, Jay Ness, Tom Bowman, Jay Jorgenson, Brian Barstad, Greg DeFor, Andy Babcock, Chris May, Steve Eckert, Clint Faust, and Paul Lundstrom.

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1987 Baseball

It was a building year for the 1987 baseball team as they finished the season in seventh place with their 9 - 11 conference record and 17 - 21 overall record.  Receiving honors were pitcher Colin Kerslake, named to the all-conference team, and Kevin Hiedeman, named to the MIAC Academic All-Conference team.  Kerslake and Mark Rice were voted the teamís most valuable players.  Don (Bucky) Burgau was the team coach.

On the team were Todd Larson, Mark Rice, Jon Sannes, Joel Smith, Kent Amundson, Jay Harter, Colin Kerslake, Paul Gade, Al Hanson, Kevin Hiedeman, Todd Johnson, Dan Leer, Scott Lundy, Scott Oeffling, David Pryzmus, Steve Rohloff, Chris Wasberg, Dean Atchison, Chad Campbell, Wade Hanson, Terry Horan, Doug Toivonen, Mike Leach, Darin Orr, Rick Schumaker, Joe Bjelland, Scott Bjerke, Dave Daniels, Jack Gehrke, Ty Goschen, Mike Klindt, Darin Miller, Jay Peterson, Kevin Ousdigion, Keith Pearson, Roger ďChipĒ Oie, Jay Sannes, Pete Wasberg, and Rick Westra.
Scores for the season were not available.

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