The purpose of portfolios in HPE & Exercise Science is three fold:

1.) to assist students in assessing their own learning over the course of their program;
2.) to assist the department in assessing its effectiveness; and
3.) to aid students in developing materials to be used in the job search.

The HPE Department has determined four broad student outcomes or goals for graduates in Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science majors. The four student outcomes are essentially the same for each of the three majors with some exceptions in student outcome #4 (see below).

Possible portfolio contents will be introduced in Health 220 and PE 240.

Students will be expected to collect materials for inclusion in the portfolio throughout their collegiate career. Presentation of the final portfolio will be made in PE 421 – Senior Seminar in HPE (Health & PE majors) or PE 490 (Exercise Science majors). Students will be expected to show evidence of ability in each of the four student outcomes:

#1 Ability to access valid sources of information in Health, Physical Education

(HPE) and/or Exercise Science (ES).

Sample Evidence May Include: Literature searches, research papers, resource

reference documents, or web based links to important resources in HPE or ES.

Sample Web Links: Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity & Health,

Data Sources for HPE & ES, Teacher Licensure Requirements, MN Grad Rule

Standards in HPE, Sample Performance Packages, Professional Organizations,

Lesson Plan DataBases, Health Info Resources, National Standards.

#2 Ability to integrate concepts into a personal philosophy of HPE or ES.

Sample Evidence May Include: Philosophy Papers written for H220/PE240,

pictures, models or videos.

#3 Ability to communicate in oral and written forms knowledge, skills, and

concepts in HPE & ES.

Sample Evidence May Include: Papers, sample lesson/drill plans,

teaching/internship/co-op/practicum observations, videotapes of presentations, or PowerPoint presentations. #4 Ability to promote informed decision-making skills for:

PE Health Exercise Science

designing personal fitness nutrition cardio-respiratory endurance

plans physical fitness muscular strength

selecting assessments tobacco & alcohol flexibility

setting goals injuries body composition

etiquette & team building HIV/STI stress management

motor skill development nutrition

Sample Evidence May Include: Lesson and unit plans, PowerPoint

presentations, videotapes of presentations, assessment strategies for

health-related fitness, performance packages, or web links.

Other Materials for Inclusion: Service-learning projects, Attendance at workshops & conferences, memberships in professional organizations, pictures of bulletin boards you developed, Sample resume.

Think about creating this electronically. If you were to create your own web page you could create hyperlinks to web info, have entire PowerPoint presentations, include videos, scan in pictures and observation forms, and copy papers you have already created in your word processing program.