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1995 Men's Track Wrap-Up

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Aaron Banks Win's National Discus Title, Men's Track 11th at NCAA

Aaron Banks '96, Lynd, won the NCAA Division III outdoor discus title on May 27 in Northfield, Minn., with a toss of 162-6. He followed that up with a second place in the shot put, breaking his won school record with a 57'8.5" in the prelims. His 18 points gave the Cobbers a tie for 11th in the team standings.

Banks, an Academic All-American with a 3.28 GPA in biology, won the MIAC shot put and discus titles on May 14. The Cobber team finished 8th in the MIAC team standings. Earlier this spring Banks captured the NCAA Indoor shot put title and set a school record in the discus at 167'11.25".

Ryan Williams '97, St. Cloud, earned All-MIAC honors for his second-place finish at the MIAC Meet in the triple jump. That performance, combined with his 3.99 GPA in Music and Biology, led to an Academic All-MIAC award as well.

Brian Grove '95, White Bear Lake, the Cobber track captain, also earned an Academic All-MIAC award for his 3.76 GPA in Biology and his seventh place finish in the MIAC 800 meter run in a time of 1:56.35.

All-American Aaron Banks 

1995 Men's Outdoor Schedule

 Date  Meet           

 4/8   St. Olaf        

 4/15  St. Thomas

 4/22  UND

 4/29  Bemidji St

 4/28-29 Drake Relays

 5/6   Moorhead St.

 5/12-13 MIAC-St. Olaf 8th

 5/18  Moorhead St.

 5/24-27 NCAA III at

        Carleton, Northfield

Other Outdoor Meets

Men's Track & Field       4/22/95

 University of North Dakota Open

 Cobber Men       Event Time/Dist PL  PR

 Aaron Banks       Disc 167'11.25 2nd PR

  1st All Time at CC

  NCAA III Automatic Qualifier

 Aaron Banks         SP   53'4"   2nd

  NCAA III Automatic Qualifier

 Adam Lovehaug     400M    51.30  2nd PR

 Ryan Williams       TJ 44'0.75"  2nd PR

 4x100 Relay               44.7   4th

  Jackson, Lovehaug, Jacobson and McGee

 James Lehnhoff      LJ  20'6.5"  5th

 James Lehnoff      Jav   172'9"

 Phil Wishart        LJ  19'11.5" 6th

 Phil Wishart        TJ 39'0.25"      PR

 Jesse Jerabek    Steep  11:10.70 6th PR

 Jesse Jerabek       LJ  18'1.25"

 Jesse Jerabek       TJ 37'5.50"

 Bill Keating     1500M   4:12.10     PR

 Bill Keating      800M  2:05.80

 Ryan Beachy         LJ    19"1"

 Ryan Beachy       Disc   104'1"

 Ryan Beachy        Jav  160'10"

 Ryan Beachy         SP 37'6.5"

 Kevin Jackson       LJ  18'7.5"

 Kevin Jackson     400M    53.30      PR

 Charlie Jacobson    LJ    18'2"

 Shawn McGee       400M    56.40      PR

 Shawn McGee       200M    24.7       PR

 Trevor Smith       Jav  151'10"

 Dean Nielson        SP  36'6"

 John Nichol      5000M 18:03.7       PR
Men's Track & Field 4/28-29/95

 Drake Relays, Des Moines, Iowa

 Aaron Banks       Shot   55-11   3rd

 Aaron Banks       Disc  162-8    6th PR
 Men's Track & Field       4/29/95

 Bemidji State Pepsi Open

 Cobber Men       Event Time/Dist PL  PR

 Ryan Williams       TJ 42'6"    1st

 Ryan Williams       LJ 19'4.25" 1st

 Peter Benson      400M 50.54    1st PR

 Ryan Beachy        Jav 183'     1st

 Ryan Beachy         PV 11'6"    6th

 Ryan Beachy       110H 19.12    5th

 Ryan Beachy       100M 12.94   12th

 Brian Grove       800M 1:57.27  2nd PR

 Erik Lindquist    400M 51.14    3rd PR

 James Lehnhoff      TJ 39'9"    3rd PR

 Jesse Jerabek       TJ 38'11"   4th

 Jesse Jerabek       LJ 18'2"    5th

 Bill Keating      800M 2:02.31  4th PR

 Shawn McGee       100M 11.91    5th PR

 Shawn McGee       200M 24.19

 Trevor Smith       Jav 159'10"  5th

 John Nichol      5000M 18:00.70 6th

 Riley Bourdon    1500M 4:39.43 12th

 Kevin Jackson    1500M 4:54.29 13th

 Kevin Jackson     Disc 58'4"   15th

 Kevin Jackson     Jav  90'5"   15th


 4x400 Relay              3:25.32 1st PR

  Benson, Lindquist,Keating, Grove

 4x100 Relay               44.82  2nd PR

  Jackson, McGee, Lindquist, Benson

 4x100 Relay               46.59  5th

  Williams, Rhode, Lehnhoff, Tlustosch

 4x400 Relay              3:45.45 6th

  Tlustosch, Bourdon, Jerabek. McGee
Men's Track & Field       5/6/95

 Ron Masanz at Moorhead St

 Cobber Men       Event Time/Dist PL  PR

 Ryan Williams     TJ   44'10"   2nd

 Peter Benson      400M 52.04    3rd

 Brian Grove       800M 1:57.66  1st

 Erik Lindquist    400M 51.89    2nd

 Shawn McGee       100M 12.72    6th


 4x100 Relay               44.72 3rd PR

 Jesse Jerabek     Step 10:55.04 3rd

 Phil Wishart      LJ   21'2.5"  3rd

 Phil Wishart      TJ   41'1.5"  4th

1995 Concordia Men's Outdoor Track & Field Roster

  Name            Yr  Hometown          Events

 Aaron Banks      JR  Lynd              Throws

 Ryan Beachy      JR  Staples           Jav., PV

 Peter Benson     SO  Moorhead          Sprints

 Riley Bourdon    FR  Fargo, ND         Distance, SC

 Zach Brumbach    SO  Boise,ID          Mid-Distance

 Bob Drobinski    SR  Inver Grove H'ts  Triple Jump

 Brian Grove      SR  White Bear Lake   Mid-Distance

 Kevin Jackson    SO  Chicago, IL       Sprints

 Charles Jacobson SO  Wildrose, ND      Sprints, LJ

 Jessie Jerabek   SO  Silver Lake       Jumps, PV, SC

 Bill Keating     SO  Fargo, ND         Mid-Distance

 James Lehnhoff   SR  Ellendale, ND     LJ, Sprints, Jav

 Erik Lindquist   JR  St. Peter         Sprints, Mid-Distance

 Adam Lovehaug    SO  Milan             Sprints

 Shawn McGee      SO  Bloomington       Sprints

 John Nichol      FR  St. Cloud         Distance

 Dean Nielson     JR  Hickley           Hammer

 Josh Rhode       FR  Eagle River, WI   Pole Vault

 Gabe Semenza     SO  Helena, MT        Sprints

 Trevor Smith     FR  Billings, MT      Javelin

 Ryan Tlustosch   FR  Plentywood, MT    Sprints, Mid-Distance

 Ryan Williams    SO  St. Cloud         TJ

 Phil Wishart     FR  Roseville         TJ, LJ

 Head Coach: Garrick Larson, 2nd year

 Ast: Evonne Vaplon, Chris Schumacher, Marv Roeske

1995 Men's MIAC Outdoor Championships

 Men's Track & Field       5/12-14/95

 MIAC Championships - Northfield, Minn.

 Cobber Men       Event Time/Dist PL  PR

 Aaron Banks       SP   54'0"    1st

  NCAA Automatic Qualifier

  NCAA Provisional Qualifier

 Aaron Banks       Disc 165'5"   1st

  NCAA Automatic Qualifier

  NCAA Provisional Qualifier

 Aaron Banks       Ham  156'7"   3rd

 Ryan Williams     TJ   44'7"    2nd

 Ryan Beachy       Jav  167'8"   6th

 Ryan Beachy       Dec  4852     7th

 Peter Benson      400M 50.69    7th

 Brian Grove       800M 1:56.35  7th

 Josh Rhode        PV   11'10.5" 7th

 Erik Lindquist    400M 51.59    8th


 4x100M                 44.24    8th

 Trevor Smith      Jav  157'10"  8th

 Phil Wishart      LJ   20'7.75" 8th

 Kevin Jackson     Dec  4593    10th

 Team Results

 Men's Track & Field       5/12-14/95

 MIAC Championships - Northfield, Minn.

 Team Results    Points

  1 St. Thomas   195.0

  2 St. John's   134.0

  3 Gustavus     107.0

  4 St. Olaf      89.0

  5 Carleton      85.0

  6 Bethel        49.0

  7 Hamline       48.0

  8 Concordia     47.0

  9 Macalaster    44.0

 10 Augsburg      20.0

National Qualifiers

 1995 NCAA Division III Championship Qualifiers

  Name           Yr  Hometown       Events

 Aaron Banks     Jr  Lynd           Discus, Shot, Hammer


All-American Aaron Banks 

 Head Women's Coach: Marion Strand, 4th Year

 Head Men's Coach: Garrick Larson, 2nd year

 Ast: Evonne Vaplon, Chris Schumacher, Marv Roeske

National Div. III Meet Results

 1995 Men's NCAA Division III Outdoor

 Track & Field Championship at Carleton,

 Northfield, Minn., May 24-27


 Aaron Banks    Discus    162'6"    1st

 Aaron Banks    Shot Put  56'3.75"  2nd

   (School Record 57'8.25" in Prelims)

 Aaron Banks    Hammer              DNP

1995 Men's Indoor Performances


 Bemidji Super 8 Meet  1/21/95

 Cobber Men       Event  Time/Dist

 Aaron Banks     Shot    50'5"

 Adam Lovehaug     55M    6.60

 Adam Lovehaug    200M   23.83

 Peter Benson     600M 1:26.57

 Shawn McGee       55M    6.8

 Chris Johnson     55M    7.00

 Chris Johnson    200M   25.31

 Mitch Odland      55M    7.00

 Charly Jacobson   55M    7.10

 Charly Jacobson  200M   25.01

 Charly Jacobson  LJ     18'8"

 Gabe Semenza     400M   57.8

 Ryan Toustosh    400M   58.0

 Erik Lindquist   600M 1:28.22

 Zach Brumbach    800M 2:17.22

 Brian Grove     1500M 4:11.53

 Bill Keating    1500M 4:28.08

 John Nichol     3000M 10:29.25

 Riley Bourdon   3000M 10:15.84

 Matt Karl        HJ     5'10"

 Dean Haugo       LJ     20'8"

 James Lehnhoff   LJ     19'2"

 Jesse Jerabek    LJ     18'0"

 Jessie Jerabek   TJ     37'9"

 Ryan Williams    TJ     42'9"
Men's Track

All-American Aaron Banks

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