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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Zacher wins whopper of an award for Concordia 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

Bob Zacher, a senior center on the Concordia football team from Alexandria, Minn., was named a Division III College Football Scholar Athlete of the Week by the Burger King Corporation Monday.  "We are very proud to have someone who can achieve an accomplishment like this by showing that they are a good athlete, but by also being a good student and a good person in their personal life too," said Armin Pipho, athletic director. 

Burger King gives eight of these awards to athletes during the football season. "It's a nice honor. I mean, few people get this award so it's nice to receive an award like this one," Zacher said. 

The award will be presented to Zacher at a special half-time presentation Saturday when Grant Hensrud, a Burger King Franchisee, presents him with the award in the form of a jumbo check. 

"I can't think of anyone more deserving because of the person he is and [because of] his 3.75 GPA. He has also been a three-year starter at center," Christopherson said. "He has been a mainstay on our offensive line. He is a good leader and a real people person. He is a softly spoken guy and a very gentle person." 

In honor  of Zacher's achievements, Burger King will donate $10,000 to Concordia's general scholarship fund.  "My assumption is it will go into the general scholarship fund in Bob's name," Pipho said. "Each year a student at Concordia would receive the interest that is earned off that investment by receiving a scholarship in Bob's honor." 

The Burger King College Football Scholarship program was established in 1995 to foster the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. The Burger King Corporation has donated a total of $3.3 million in college scholarship funds to 174 colleges and universities nationwide. 

"It's nice to do something for Concordia," Zacher said. "The college gets some money so that they can give it to other people and hopefully help someone so they can afford the school here." 

Zacher has received several academic scholarships including Dollars for Scholars, the Sigred Mundjeld Memorial Scholarship, the Aliss Educational Foundation Scholarship, and the Samuel Thvedt Memorial Scholarship. 

"We talk to our team a lot about not just being a student athlete, but being a scholar athlete," Christopherson said.  "Bob is a scholar athlete. Then we add another term, gentleman scholar athlete, and he fits that description closest to anybody I can think of on our football team." 

He was Academic All-MIAC 1997, on the Dean's List  in 1995, 1996, 1997 and earned Academic All-MIAC again in 1998. 

"I have had people amazed by my GPA because I am a lineman," Zacher said. "There is a stereotype out there, but it doesn't really bother me. 

"I think the lineman have to be some of the smarter people on the team," he said.  "They need to know how to read the defense and stuff like that. They need to know what's going on everywhere." 

Zacher's knowledge of football has paid off, allowing him to start as a sophomore. "I came in as a freshman and there were a lot of sophomore lineman ahead of me," Zacher explained.  "I figured I wouldn't get a chance to start until my junior or senior year. I have been happy that I have been able to start for three years and do as well as I have done." 

Christopherson explained that the football team doesn't start many sophomores as a rule. "He played on a very good high school team in Alexandria," Christopherson said.  "He came to us with good credentials." 

Zacher, a math and physics major, admits he plays football for reasons other than winning. "Football is kind of just to get me through school," Zacher said. "Too much schoolwork can be boring, but football is something fun. It gets my mind off schoolwork and gives me a chance to do something else." 

Zacher is also a math tutor, and works with a summer fitness program for school children in his hometown. He is also a member of the math and physics clubs on campus. 

"I think that is what this award captures, the very top students in the country who also play the rugged game of football as Bob does," Christopherson said. 

Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Cobbers dominate St. Olaf  

Jason Miller 
The Concordian 

The Concordia football team is on a roll. 

The Cobbers, led by sophomore Marcus Ludtke's 166 yard rushing, cruised to a 35-21 victory over St. Olaf Saturday. Concordia has now won three games in a row to improve their MIAC record to 3-1. 

The Cobbers scored 20 consecutive points to start the game against St. Olaf. Junior kicker Clayton Horgen connected on two field goals and sophomore end Adam Strainer and junior fullback Nathan Reiff each scored a touchdown as Concordia built the 20-0 lead. 

St. Olaf managed to punch one in before the end of the half to make the score 20-7 at the break. 

The Cobbers scored another touchdown by Reiff early in the third quarter, increasing their lead to 27-7. The Cobbers last touchdown came on a 49 yard bomb to senior end Chris Howell from senior quarterback Ethan Pole

The Cobbers finished the game with 236 yards rushing. However, a bulk of the yards were from Ludtke.  But he won't take any credit. "The offensive line played well," Ludtke said. "It was a team effort." Ludtke has had over 350 yards rushing over the past three games. 

Senior end  Rob Nick also gave the Cobbers a good performance. He finished with five catches for 50 yards, including some key first down catches. Pole finished 9 for 13 passing with 137 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. 

But lately it's been the offensive line that has been the biggest bright spot. Junior offensive tackle Chris Kvarnlov says the line is finally working as a unit. "We are feeding off each other,"" Kvarnlov said. "If one guy misses a block there is always someone there to help out." 

Kvarnlov says the team is primed to take on St. John's Saturday. "This game is as big as they get," Kvarnlov said. "It's a must-win situation. If we don't win this week, next week's game won't be the same." 

The Cobbers cannot afford another conference loss and still have a chance at the MIAC title, a goal that many of the players fell is achievable. "We've gotten better every game," Ludtke said. "The team is really coming together." 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Cobbers claim win over Hamline in four sets 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

The women's volleyball team won their match Tuesday against Hamline in four sets. Concordia won the first set, 15-10. In the next set the Cobbers dominated Hamline,15-3. Concordia lost a hard fought battle for the third set, 14-16. "Losing that game was a kick in the butt for us," sophomore Erika Simons said. "When we came out we were so ready to whamp them." 

 In the fourth set Concordia took control securing the match winning the 
fourth set, 15-9. "We were really working toward a common goal tonight," Simons said. "We have worked really hard on being mentally focused." 

Mosser feels that the team played well despite their lapse in the third game. "The thing that I really felt good about is that we came out in the fourth game and played strong right away." 

The Cobbers are 3-4 in the MIAC conference and 11-8 overall. "It kind of has been a weird year for us," Mosser said. "We played well at the beginning of the year then we hit a slump, and now I really think we have come out of that slump. We finally started believing we could win again and that we could be successful. We were seriously doubting ourselves, but tonight there wasn't that doubt." 

Senior Laura Reitmeier and sophomore Stacy Davis each had 10 kills for the Cobbers.  "[E]veryone gave a 100 percent," Simons said. "The bench really helped us, cheering and talking on the bench. It has to do with attitude, when everyone has it from the bench to the starting players, the team will be successful." 

According to Mosser, senior Meredith Hegg had a great game. "She was such a leader tonight. She was focused, her serving was great and her defense was awesome." 

A couple of other standouts that are not starters, but that Mosser talked about were Simons, who came in and played great defense, and hit really well, and sophomore Missy Giese on the right side played really well also. 

"One of the things we really talked about was playing aggressive, and we use a word called flow,"  Mosser said. "Flowing means you are in the performance zone. You don't let anything bother you, and you go hard and you're relaxed. Confident, aggressive and relaxed are the three words we use." 

The Cobbers are looking ahead at what needs to be done to be in shape for the upcoming games. "We have a lot of talent on this team," Simons said. "I think this is a turning point for us. The next three games against Gustavus, St. Olaf and Augsburg will be really important for us." 

Mosser agrees with Simons about the rest of the season. "We have four loses, and we can't change that," Mosser said."At the end, if we go through this with four loses we will be right up there and anything can happen at tournament time." 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Men's soccer loses to Bethel 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

The Concordia men's soccer team lost a close game to Bethel Wednesday 3-2. "We went to a little more of an offensive set," head coach Jim Cella said. "We went three in the back, four in the middle and three up front. We know Bethel's weakness is their defense. We tried to put as much pressure on their back line." 

However, the Cobbers couldn't hold onto their lead and fell to 1-5 in the MIAC conference, and 4-8 overall. "We are not losing by a lot with the exception of Macalester we are losing by one goal every time," Cella said. 

In the first half junior Cully Bachmeier scored to put Concordia up 1-0. Bethel scored later in the half to tie the game up at 1-1.  In the second half Bachmeier scored his second goal to put Concordia back in the lead 2-1. 

"Bachmeier, who hasn't scored yet, scores two goals," Cella said. "His story is like a microcosm of our whole deal. The first time his parents don't come to the game he scores two goals, and its like our season. We get one good break then two bad breaks." 

 However, Bethel scored the next two goals to give them the edge and the game 3-2. "When we get offense, we don't get defense and when we get defense the offense isn't there," Cella said. 

Concordia had 15 shots on goal and senior Paul Toso had nine saves. "You keep hitting you head against the wall, sooner or later you're going to fall over and die or the wall is going to break," Cella said. "Hopefully this weekend we are going to break the darn wall and we will walk out to the other side and everything will be fine." 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Women's soccer defeats St. Olaf 

Ryan McCallum 
The Concordian 

Concordia women's soccer team snapped a four-game losing streak Saturday with a 4-2 win over St. Olaf.  The Cobbers had lost their previous games to nationally ranked teams, including number one ranked Macalester. 

Concordia's offense and defense dominated the first half. Most of the half was played deep in the Oles' zone. However, St. Olaf scored the first goal in a series that left the Concordia team baffled. 

"It was total confusion," junior Allison Daehlin said. "The referee told us whose throw it was, but he didn't blow his whistle. We were waiting for the call and they capitalized on that." 

The score remained 1-0 until halftime. After the break, the Cobbers came out strong, scoring four goals in less than 15 minutes. "We just clicked," sophomore Whitney Ostrem said. "All of a sudden it was just flowing. We weren't hungry enough in the first half. We came out, got hungry, and we beat them." 

Junior Autumn Johnson knotted the game at one when she headed a pass from Daehlin into the net. Junior Allison Smith was also credited with an assist on the goal. "We learned how to think quicker and be on our toes," senior Britt Nielson said. "We picked up our game and learned that we have to really want it to win." 

Junior Julie Fretheim put Concordia up by a goal when she headed a corner kick just over the St. Olaf goalie's outstretched arms.  Soon after that, Fretheim was involved in another scoring play, feeding sophomore Jordi Kortan a perfect pass that allowed her, along with some amazing footwork, to break away from the St. Olaf defenders and kick the ball into the top of the net. 

The Cobbers final goal came less than 30 seconds later. Freshman Marijka Belgum-Gabbert passed to Ostrem, who then kicked the ball along the end line and in front of the goal. Daehlin redirected the pass over the goalie.St. Olaf added a breakaway goal less than a minute later to make the score 4-2. 

 "We stepped up our intensity and showed ourselves where we want to be every game," Hashbarger said. "We dominated the entire game. We didn't let their first goal affect us and make us put our heads down. We just didn't quit." 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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'Freshmen X-factor' is key for Men's Cross Country 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

Concordia men's cross country team finished fourth at the Dan Huston 
Invitational in Wartburg, Iowa Friday. "I can tell they are still not running fresh ... and that's by design," Larson said. "I think we can drop another 30 to 45 seconds by the conference championships in two weeks." 

Sophomore Chris Goebel came in 10th at 27:04 and sophomore Steve Edlund came in 11th at 27:09. "Our team goal is to place in the top five [in the MIAC]," Larson said. 

"I think it will take our top five runners to run 27:45 or faster."  Larson feels his team will do fairly well when he considers the underclassmen on his team. 

"We have what I call the X-factor, a lot of freshmen," Larson said. "Freshmen take a long time to figure things out. They have a tendency to all of a sudden figure it out and come through at the end of the season even though they are young." 

Edlund's experience gives him a unique perspective on Larson's philosophy. "Part of the reason [freshman have a tough time] is because of the change from running 5K in high school to 8K at the college level," Edlund said. "I know last year as a freshman I had a tendency to attack the race at the wrong point with lots of miles left." 

The team travels this weekend to UW-LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 

"I think this weekend will be a good measuring stick to how well we will do in a few weeks at the conference meet," Larson said. "They need to run hard and toward the front of the pack." 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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No Story this week. 

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Oct. 16, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Men's golf takes second at MIAC Championship 
Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

Concordia men's golf team finished second at the MIAC Championship Friday and Saturday."I feel we played pretty decent golf," freshman Mike Hagen said. "We expected to have lower scores, but I am pleased with the results." 

The Cobbers were in fourth place after the first round of play on Friday shooting 319. "We were placed in order of how the teams finished last year," head coach Mark Johnson said. "It was tough because we were not playing by the top team like Gustavus." 

 Johnson explained that after the first round Concordia was only back by 10 strokes. The team focused on what they wanted to accomplish and shot 310 in the second round of tournament play to push them into second place behind Gustavus. 

While the Cobbers didn't shoot as well as they would have liked to as a team, they did put up some good shots in the rough weather. "The wind was a factor the first day. It was blowing strongly from the south," Johnson said. "I think that affected our scores during the first round of play." 

However, the wind wasn't as big as a factor the second day as Concordia stepped up their game and turned in better scores than the first day. 

 Hagen finished sixth at the tournament with a two-day score of 155.  "It's a great feeling to be one of the only freshmen to finish in the top ten," Hagen said. "I wish I could have golfed a little better, but it was quite an achievement." 

Senior Mike Simonich finished in ninth place with a score of 156. Both players earned All-MIAC Honors.  "After having a terrible first day senior Brandon Riddering really came back and helped us out with his solid play during the second round of the tournament," Johnson said. Riddering, after having a rough first round shooting 87, came back and shot a 77 in the second round. 

"Gustavus has won the tournament like the last 16 out of 17 times so it was great to be in second," Johnson said. "I am pleased that we beat three good teams: Augsburg, St. John's and St. Thomas."