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Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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 Concordia loses in mud bowl to St. John's 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

Concordia and St. John's came out to Jake Christianson Stadium Saturday and found themselves having to deal with a muddy field that forced both teams to stray from their usual style of football. Constant, pouring rain made a passing game difficult and both teams had to run the ball more than they were used to. The Cobbers lost  21-0 against St. John's. Concordia is tied for third place with a 3-2 record in the  MIAC Conference. 

"It really wasn't one of our better games," head coach Jim Christopherson said. "I thought we played okay defensively. We needed to move the ball and score. We felt that it would have been a different game on a dry field." 

St. John's held Concordia to just five first downs and 62 yards rushing on 34 attempts.  However, the Cobbers couldn't get a hold on the Johnnies running backs as they had a great deal of success up the middle. Concordia's defense gave up 289 rushing yards in the mud-soaked field. 

Both teams struggled with their passing game. Concordia  edged out St. John's with 52 yards passing compared to 18 yards. However, senior quarterback Ethan Pole threw for just over 29 percent, compared to his average so far this season of 55.4 percent, going 7 for 24 with one interception. 

"It was hard to pass," Pole said. "The ball was muddy, and the weather was a big factor. The footing wasn't there, and it was hard because we couldn't run outside because of the sloppy conditions." 

Concordia's receivers had trouble holding onto the ball, dropping several passes from Pole. Concordia was able to keep St. John's running attack at bay for the first quarter.  However, the Cobber offense wasn't able to put any points on the board either, leaving the first quarter scoreless. 

With just over four minutes left in the second quarter, St. John's senior Roland Buller ran through a big hole, went up the middle and then veered outside and into the muddy end zone for a 15-yard touchdown, putting the Johnnies up 7-0. 

In the third quarter the Cobbers had chances as St. John's fumbled the ball twice, but both times St. John's recovered the ball. St. John's tried a field goal fake which the Cobber defense stopped, but the offense couldn't run and were stopped at the line of scrimmage most of the time. 

With just over seven minutes remaining St. John's struck again. After a pass from Pole to sophomore Adam Strainer went incomplete, junior Clayton Horgen came in to punt. However, his punt was blocked. "We blocked our own punt," Christopherson said. "Our outback backed up a little as Horgen took three steps forward to get his footing on the muddy field, and the ball hit the outback's elbow." 

 St. John's sophomore Tim Pahula was credited with the block and recovered the ball at the Cobber 13-yard line. 

After pass interference was called on the Cobber defense the Johnnies got the ball at the two-yard line. St. John's sophomore Chris Moore hit the Cobber defense hard up the middle putting St. John's up, 14-0. 

In the fourth quarter the Cobbers tried to battle back. However, Pole threw his only interception of the game to St. John's senior Ryan Deibele at the 50-yard line with just under three minutes remaining in the game. Horgen, whose earlier punt was blocked, hit a booming 62-yard punt to pin the Johnnies at their own four-yard line. However, three plays later St. John's senior Kip Knippel nailed the coffin shut, getting loose in the Cobbers' secondary on a 69 yard run with just over a minute left in the fourth quarter to put St. John's up 21-0. 

"I was disappointed we gave them that one run for a touchdown at the end," Christopherson said. "It distorted how the game had been played. 14-0 was a little more indicative of how the game had gone." 

The Cobbers travel to St. Peter to play Gustavus Saturday. Pole thinks that there are several keys to doing well against the Gusties.  "We need to have the whole package," Pole said. "We need to get some points on the board to help our defense out so they donUt have to be on the field all the time. We also need to have a balanced attack." 

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Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Volleyball team defeats Augsburg in five sets 

Emily Rankin 
The Concordian 

The Concordia volleyball team overcame Augsburg in a five-set match on Tuesday. The Cobbers won their first set 15-11, but then fell  to Augsburg in the second set. They had been up 14-13, but a side-out occurred and Augsburg took full advantage of it, winning 16-14. Concordia rallied and took the third set 15-8. However, Augsburg bounced back and won the forth set 4-15. 

"Even though we lost the fourth set the girls didn't let down and stayed focused," head coach Tim Mosser said. 

According to sophomore Sam Scariano the team came out in the fifth set with confidence and were aggressive. The Cobbers won the last set and the game 15-11 to defeat Augsburg. Mosser praised Stacy Davis for her performance at Augsburg. "Even after a long four hour bus ride, she was positive and energetic and kept the team focused. Her play was intense, as well as her leadership. 

"Overall, the team served well against Augsburg and had great defense, but the kill percentage suffered." 

Junior Anne Larson had 15 kills and 10 digs. Senior Laura Reitmeier had 11 kills, 13 digs and five blocks. Sophomore Jessica Schumacher added nine kills and three blocks. 

On Saturday Concordia fell to St. Olaf despite strong performances at the net. The Cobbers lost in three sets 6-15, 14-16 and 10-15. The team had a high amount of side-outs which effected the outcome of the game. 

"We would get one point for every side-out, while they would get two or three," Mosser said. "They were long games, and St. Olaf simply outscored us. Our serving wasn't very sharp and we had a few mental lapses." 

Reitmeier had 17 kills and four blocks while Larson chipped in with 16 kills and two blocks. Hegg also helped the team with 50 assists. St. Olaf and St. Ben's have shown they're probably the best two teams in the conference, but any of the top seven teams could win on any given night," Mosser said. "They [St. Olaf and St. Ben's] are good, but beatable. Gustavus beat St. Ben's the other night, and we beat Gustavus. As far as the conference goes, it's really anyone's game." 

| 1998 Cobber Men's Soccer
Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Men's soccer ends losing streak 

Ryan McCallum 
The Concordian 

The men's soccer team won for the first time since Sept. 27, beating St. Scholastica Sunday in sudden-death overtime, 1-0. The win improves Concordia's overall record to 5-8, while they remain 1-5 in the MIAC conference. 

Freshman Chance Buzzell ended the Cobbers' five-game losing streak with the only goal of the game 40 seconds into overtime with a shot from the top of the goalie's box that sailed into the back-left corner of the net. 

"[Senior co-captain] Dustin Holt served up the ball inside the box," Buzzell said. "It popped out, and I teed it up and it went in." Holt and junior co-captain Todd Stebleton assisted the winning goal. 

The team had lost three of the previous five games by one goal. "Our persistence paid off," head coach Jim Cella said. "If you keep knocking your head against the wall either you're going to get knocked out or the wall's going to fall over. We're a hardheaded bunch, and we knocked the wall down this afternoon." 

The Cobbers and St. Scholastica seemed evenly matched for much of the game. Both teams had a strong offense and a tough defense. The Cobbers' defense was strong in the first half  rejecting St. Scholastica when they posed a threat. 

Numerous times Concordia broke up dangerous situations deep in their zone and effectively cleared the ball up field to spark a Cobber offensive attack. 

The Cobbers played most of the second half on the offensive.  The game was almost won by St. Scholastica midway through the second half. Concordia's goalie, senior Paul Toso, left the net open when he dove for the ball. Toso recovered quickly and got a finger on the ball to deflect it off the post. The play saved what seemed like a sure goal and kept the Cobbers alive. Toso finished the game with seven saves. 

The team's focus on conditioning and persistence were the deciding factors in this extremely competitive game. The regulation ended with the teams deadlocked at zero. 

However, Concordia seemed to have the advantage as the game wound down, and looked energized as the game entered overtime. 

"We kept up the intensity, and played smart ball," Buzzell said. "When we're in practice, we mean business. We haven't been getting the breaks lately, but we're well conditioned and well coached. We can out muscle most teams." 

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Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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No Story this week. 

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Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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No Story this week. 

|1998 Cobber Women's Cross Country
Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Women's CC prepares for the MIAC 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

The Concordia women's cross country team finished 14th at the Neubauer Invite at UW-LaCrosse Saturday. Concordia finished with 320 points. The Cobbers finished above several MIAC teams including Carleton, Bethel and St. Ben's. 

"I think that if we normally think of 14th place, our normal thought is that it is not very good," head coach Sharon Espeland said.  "But if you look at the level of schools we competed against, the majority of the teams are nationally ranked. I feel they did well against incredibly strong competition." 

Top scorers for the Cobbers were sophomore Heidi Brenden at 19:12 which earned her 24th place. Heidi's sister, sophomore Heather Brenden, came in 48th with a time of 19:43. Senior Barbara Breidenbach finished in 52rd place with a time of 19:47. 

According to Espeland, the team's strengths are their depth and their commitment. "We have five runners that score, but we don't know which five it's going to be from meet to meet," Espeland said. Espeland explained that the team has improved by better summer training. "They were ready for a more intense workout," Espeland said. "They are also ready for harder practices. A group of them are on a two-a-day practice schedule practicing in the morning, afternoon and then lifting weights also." 

The Cobbers are practicing as the MIAC Championship approaches on Oct. 31. "I expect them to finish much better then they did last year," Espeland said. "Their sights are set pretty high." 

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Oct. 23, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Deb Lien named women's hockey head coach 

Tim Hanson 
Sports Editor 

Concordia College announced last Tuesday that Deb Lien will be the new head coach for the women's hockey club.  She will serve as this year's head coach and will continue as coach when the women's hockey club becomes a varsity sport in the 1999-2000 school year. 

Lien feels that there is much that she can help teach the players as they prepare for next year when they become a varsity sport. "There are a variety of different skill levels on the team from skating, stick handling, shooting and even knowledge of the game," Lien said. "So I really have to start at the bottom and work my way up. They all have to learn how to skate and make sure that they have the proper fundamentals in place." 

Lien, a 1988 graduate of Warroad High School, earned a B.S. degree in physical education from NDSU in 1994 with minors in coaching, math education and health education. Lien served as an assistant coach at Moorhead High School during the 1997-98 season. 

"I think that taking over as head coach here is similar to what I did last year," Lien said. "They didn't have a good coach, and a lot of girls quit. They were down in numbers and were looking for somebody to bring the program up, and to get the girls in the program to stay in the program." 

Coach Lien has also been the head coach of the PeeWee girls team ages 12-15 for the Moorhead Youth Hockey Association. "Women's hockey is starting to progress in the Moorhead Youth Hockey Association," Lien said. "Younger girls  are coming out to play the sport, and they also have a strong high school team. So it's starting to grow, but this area is a little bit behind Minnesota and the Twin Cities area." 

While the team might not be as experienced as some of the other college teams that are at the varsity level Lien was confident after she saw her first real glimpse of the team Monday that there was definitely some talent on the team. 

"It was a good practice to see where we are at, and what level of talent they are at right now," Lien said. "I was impressed by the skating skills. The skating skills were much higher than I thought they would be, and there was a desire and [a] will that showed."