1997-98 Cobber Swimming
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1997-98 Cobber Women's Swimming Meet Results - Cobber Swimmers

Dec. 5-6   University of North Dakota Invitational in Grand Forks
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Team Scores
1. UND 1244
2. St. Cloud St. 870
3. Concordia 648
4. Moorhead State 388


12/05/97                                        12/06/97

200 Free Relay- 9 teams                         200 Medley Relay-10 teams
(A)  1:49.62-5th                                (A)  2:00.44-4th
Lindsey Bailey                                  Jessamyn Dawson
Jessamyn Dawson                                 Shana Letnes
Shana Letnes                                    Lacy Wallace
Carrie Bunger                                   Carrie Bunger
(B)  1:52.02-8th                                (B)  2:14.86-9th
Jill Backman                                    Sara Zavoral
Tova Loddigs                                    Kjersten Nerland
Sara Zavoral                                    Becky Howard
Janey Hill                                      Tova Loddigs

500 Free- 14 swimmers                           200 IM- 23 swimmers
Carrie Bunger 5:29.94-2nd                       Shana Letnes pr. 2:25.29
Janey Hill 5:32.58-3rd                                   fi. 2:24.59-6th
Sara Zavoral 5:46.90-5th                        Janey Hill pr. 2:30.11
Kjersten Nerland 6:03.28-9th                             fi. 2:27.09-11th
Monica Tims 6:44.85-14th                        Jessamyn Dawson pr.2:30.71
                                                         fi. 2:30.53-12th
200 Back- 12 swimmers                           Lindsey Bailey pr. 2:30.71
Lacy Wallace pr. 2:27.90  fi. 2:27.45-8th                fi. 2:31.41-13th
Lindsey Bailey pr. 2:30.68 fi. 2:25.75-9th      Jill Backman pr. 2:34.62
                                                         fi. 2:34.31-15th
100 Fly- 12 swimmers                            Becky Howard 2:37.49-16th
Jessamyn Dawson pr. 1:10.89 fi. 1:11.61-8th
Becky Howard pr. 1:13.03 fi. 1:10.80-9th        100 Free- 25 swimmers
                                                Carrie Bunger pr. 59.05
200 Free- 16 swimmers                                    fi. 57.49-10th
Janey Hill pr. 2:05.27 fi. 2:10.77-8th          Tova Loddigs 1:04.19-17th
Tova Loddigs pr. 2:18.31 fi. 2:17.54-11th       Sara Zavoral 1:04.30-18th
Kjersten Nerland pr. 2:20.89 fi. 2:17.87-12th   Becky Howard 1:05.23-20th
                                                Kjersten Nerland 1:06.14-
200 Breastroke- 11 swimmers                                         21st
Shana Letnes pr. 2:34.36 fi. 2:32.57-2nd        Monica Tims 1:07.62- 23rd

50 Free- 24 swimmers                            200 Fly- 7 swimmers
Lindsey Bailey pr. 26.97 fi. 26.91-12th         Janey Hill pr. 2:33.16
Shana Letnes 28.45-18th                                  fi. 2:33.53-5th
Sara Zavoral 28.79-19th                         Lacy Wallace pr. 2:38.19
Tova Loddigs 28.89-20th                                  fi. 2:38.90-7th
Becky Howard 29.13-21st
Monica Tims 30.02-23rd                          100 Back- 24 swimmers
                                                Jessamyn Dawson pr.1:06.72
400 IM- 7 swimmers                                       fi. 1:06.72-8th
Carrie Bunger 5:12.77-5th                       Jill Backman pr. 1:09.06
Jessamyn Dawson 5:24.23-6th                              fi. 1:09.67
Lacy Wallace 5:29.07-7th                        Lindsey Bailey pr. 1:09.11
                                                         fi. 1:10.44-16th
400 Medley Relay- 8 teams                       Tova Loddigs 1:17.87-20th
(A)  4:22.01-3rd
Jessamyn Dawson                                 100 Breast- 15 swimmers
Shana Letnes                                    Shana Letnes pr. 1:10.95
Lacy Wallace                                             fi. 1:10.29-2nd
Carrie Bunger                                   Monica Tims pr. 1:24.39
(B)  4:45.62-7th                                         fi. 1:22.30-12th
Lindsey Bailey
Sara Zavoral                                    1650 Free- 7 swimmers
Becky Howard                                    Carrie Bunger 19:09.72-1st
Janey Hill                                      Sara Zavoral 20:09.34-3rd
                                                Kjersten Nerland 21:19.83-6th

800 Free Relays-8 teams                        400 Free Relay- 8 teams
 (A)  8:58.42-4th place                         (A) 4:05.12-5th
 Janey Hill                                      Janey Hill
 Sara Zavoral                                    Lindsey Bailey
 Jessamyn Dawson                                 Jessamyn Dawson
 Carrie Bunger                                   Carrie Bunger
 (B)  9:27.70-7th place                         (B)  4:13.51-8th
 Jill Backman                                    Jill Backman
 Tova Loddigs                                    Becky Howard
 Monica Tims                                     Sara Zavoral
 Kjersten Nerland                                Tova Loddigs  

1-Meter Diving- 10 divers
Erika Halvorson 292.55-7th
Heidi Rickert 247.10-8th



1997-98 Cobber Women's Swimming