1997-98 Cobber Swimming
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St. Ben's Invitational Jan 16-17, 1998
Cobber Results | Team Totals |

Cobber Results | Team Totals |

200 Medley Relay (out of 15 teams)      100 Fly (out of 53 swimmers)
(A)     2:01.00-5th                     Lacy Wallace 1:08.69-26th
Lacy Wallace                            Anne Mostad 1:09.11-30th
Shana Letnes                            Becky Howard 1:12.57-42nd
Becky Howard
Lindsey Bailey
(B)     2:22.82-14th                    200 IM (out of 46 swimmers)
Jill Backman                            Shana Letnes 2:27.69P-17th
Tova Loddigs                                         2:29.35F-21st
Janey Hill                              Jill Backman 2:31.01P-24th
Heidi Rickert                                        2:34.97F-24th
                                        Lindsey Bailey 2:31.29-26th
                                        Anne Mostad 2:32.11-28th
200 Free (out of 57 swimmers)           Becky Howard 2:37.74-37th
Carrie Bunger 2:06.57P-12th
Anna Berg 2:10.11P-20th                 100 Free (out of 68 swimmers)
          2:09.54F-20th                 Carrie Bunger 59.35P-23rd
Tova Loddigs 2:20.54-43rd                             59.07F-21st
                                        Janey Hill 1:00.46-29th
                                        Tova Loddigs 1:05.61-57th
400 IM (out of 29 swimmers)             Monica Timms 1:06.39-59th
Janey Hill 5:07.19P-6th
Lacy Wallace 5:26.44P-20th              100 Breast (out of 54 swimmers)
             5:20.96F-19th              Shana Letnes 1:09.66P-2nd
Becky Howard 5:39.52-28th                            1:09.94F-3rd
                                        Anne Mostad 1:18.96-30th
                                        Monica Timms 1:23.10-43rd
50 Free (out of 75 swimmers)
Lindsey Bailey 26.75P-20th
               26.95F-23rd              100 Back (out of 53 swimmers)
Anna Berg 27.35-28th                    Lindsey Bailey 1:08.38P-22nd
Jill Backman 28.02-41st                                1:10.00F-24th
Shana Letnes 28.06-44th                 Lacy Wallace 1:08.50P-24th
Lacy Wallace 30.08-63rd                              1:09.01F-23rd
Tova Loddigs 30.31-67th                 Jill Backman 1:10.87-39th
Becky Howard 30.31-67th
                                        200 Free Relay (out of 21 relays)
800 Free Relay (out of 11 teams)        (A)     1:49.83-10th
(A)     8:42.78                         Lindsey Bailey
Janey Hill                              Anna Berg
Anna Berg                               Shana Letnes
Jill Backman                            Carrie Bunger
Carrie Bunger                           (B)     2:03.71-20th
                                        Anne Mostad
                                        Monica Timms
1 Meter Diving (out of 22 divers)       Heidi Rickert
Erika Halvorsen 282.20-16th             Tova Loddigs
Heidi Rickert 243.30-21st

3 Meter Diving (out of 18 divers)
Heidi Rickert 254.05-18th

Cobber Results | Team Totals |
Team totals: St. Ben's Invitational Jan 16-17, 1998
After first Day
 Team Results:
1. University of North Dakota-1346
2. St. Benedicts-1011.5
3. St. Cloud-764.5
4. Gustavus-513
5. Concordia-310
 7. Mankato State-293
8. South Dakota State University-255
9. University of St. Thomas-212
10. Moorhead State University-202
11. College of St. Catherine-185

Cobber Results | Team Totals |

1997-98 Cobber Women's Swimming